Today, Mexico is affected by the global contingency due to the SARS CoV-2 that produces the CODIV 19 disease, and as a consequence, close to a million formal jobs have been lost throughout the country; derived from the above, some experts in business and economy taking into account the factor of 3.5, that is, multiplying the number of job losses by 3.5 to obtain the impact on informal jobs, which mostly appear around formal jobs. As an example, these could encompass mobile food stalls and diverse but informal trade.

In Chihuahua, approximately 18,000 jobs have been lost, generally in the manufacturing industry, indeed to their closures due to the rules imposed by the Federal Government derived from attention by the international health contingency and of course the suspension of non-essential activities in the United States of America.

If factor 3.5 is taken into account, it turns out that 63 thousand people are currently unemployed. Where we must consider that there are 4 million inhabitants in Chihuahua and the poverty rate is 26% according to data from the Federal Government.

It is estimated that each Chihuahua’s family usually consists of 4 members. We can deduce that about 15 thousand families at this time do not have the financial resources to sustain themselves day by day; This situation can lead to acts of crime due to despair, as they don’t have the economic resources to support a family, even if the current health contingency hadn’t arisen, as the factor of unemployment in informal work has increased, low wages and conditions aren’t always they are provided to support the family economy.

Now the questions to be us in a real and true context: Imagine that at this moment you lose your job and because of the situation when the pandemic becomes it is extremely difficult for you to get a job.

How are you going to feed your family? If you have student children and there is no resource for them to receive a good diet, what will their school performance be like? How are you going to care for your patients, being essential food to maintain a healthy immune system? How to do it when not having the economic sustenance.

In the City of Chihuahua, there is a non-profit organization, where men and women contribute with their work and who daily manage and deliver a large quantity of food; just those people or families who are going through a financially difficult situation.

We are talking about Caritas de Chihuahua, with the “Food Bank” program.

I think that those of us who are in a position where fortunately and for the moment there is no lack of food; We commonly forget that we can lose the essentials from one moment to the next and to be honest it is not possible to live without bread and water.

As human beings we must show solidarity before those who suffer and do not have the necessary resources to support a family; how difficult it is to see a situation of hunger or malnutrition in the family due to lack of financial resources.

What a surprise it was to meet Cáritas de Chihuahua; so I would like to briefly describe the day you first saw the Food Bank Facilities. It was a Tuesday in the month of May 2020 at 11:00 am; In the distance I saw quite a few people lining up trying to shelter from the intense sun; those people and families were waiting to receive a pantry; so it was until the end of the day. Upon entering the facilities I noticed that there was a message on the door that says: “It is not necessary to wait from 5.AM everyone will be served”

So at that moment the first thing I thought was: “There must have been many so that at this time they are still waiting for help.” After entering the facilities, I met the people who work in the various areas of the Food Bank and the great work they do; I was totally surprised.

Once they explained to me how they support and train people to improve their situation, it became clear to me that it is not only donating a quantity of food to the people who need it, but behind these donations there is a great job where it is managed to get the supports that both individuals and small and large companies donate; after this, its administration and distribution among those who need it most.

When visualizing opportunities for improvement for the Food Bank, I was immediately surprised and motivated; the start of a new stage in warehouse, distribution and collection logistics, where of course at KeyA ERP we are experts.

That day as a mandatory question was: How many people are served daily?

Answer: “in normal times 100, in times of COVID 300”.

Then I realized that in the process, in addition to the people who serve and who are residents of this City, they also serve one hundred migrants a day, so if we do simple accounts, 400 people equivalent to about 280 to 300 families that receive great support from the Food Bank; the pantries are of good quality and contain the basics that a family needs. So, imagine many volunteers and permanent staff of the organization, assembling pantries at a high speed to later be distributed to the beneficiaries. It’s like watching an altruistic manufacturing and retail process; something unique.

Thanks to the commitment of those who manage today one of the largest food banks in the country; At KeyA ERP we will have the opportunity to work and improve the processes that take place within the organization. We will do this through the lifetime donation of our software as a service and, of course, the incredible minds of our engineers; resulting in better quality service, data science, forecasting, warehouse automation, and process flow with hardware and new elements that will surprise those who enjoy the service.

Everything to serve more than 400 people a day more efficiently.

KeyA ERP has reached out to the Food Bank to strengthen the impressive work being done by hundreds of volunteers and for those who are full-time. Furthermore, this writing serves as a recognition of their work, of which many of us are unaware.

We will be a success story.


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